Meet Biagio

     Biagio grew up working in his father's Deli, which at the time was known as A&S Deli. During his time at NYU, he worked at restaurants in New York. This was when he fell in love with the job he had growing up as a child. When he came home, he followed his passion and took over the family business in 2003.  With a big dream in mind, he turned the small Deli into a full-service Market, Bakery, Butchery, Bar, & Restaurant.

     The restaurant's name came from Biagio's grandfather, as it was his nickname growing up. As he expanded the restaurant, he made it his main priority to keep with his family's tradition. Keeping the authenticity of his father's deli was the inspiration for what Mossuto's is today.

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Meet "Uncle Tony"

     Biagio's Uncle Tony was born in Naples. He is one of the pizzaioli (pizza makers) at Mossuto's. He's happy to bring his traditions to America in a place where keeping with tradition is a core value. Uncle Tony says Mossuto's makes "the best pizza in America." Fresh ingredients, proper equipment, and technique all play a role in the authentic Italian pizza made at Mossuto's. When Uncle Tony is around, expect a big smile and a good story.

Mossuto's Mission

     The mission of Mossuto's is simple; to bring the traditions of Italian table to the Jersey Shore. This means using the freshest ingredients, traditional preparation, and a labor of love.

     Biagio wants his customers to know that when you buy something from Mossuto's, you are buying a small part of Italian tradition.

What People Are Saying


Gayle D., Yelp Reviewer

"Fun place, delicious food,"


Craig C., Yelp Reviewer

"I can't go back to eating regular boxed pasta after this meal,"


J R., Yelp Reviewer

" The quality of the ingredients is on another level."