Bibi graetz casamatta rosso Sangiovese

$20/bottle, $15/Case of 12

Bibi graets soffocone

$69/bottle, $60/Case of 6

*Last 10 cases available in the USA forever*

Animardente Etna Rosso

$49/bottle, $39/Case of 6

Altemasi Prosecco

$20/bottle, $15/case of 6

Coppa Moscato

$29/bottle, $20/Case of 12

Saladini Pilastri Falerio

$20/bottle, $15/Case of 6

Mandrarossa Chardonnay

$18/bottle, $12/case of 12

Mandrarossa Cabernet 

$18/bottle, $12/case of 12

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